Thursday, September 10, 2009

Story Wheel Workings

1: Ryusho Takayama is a Special Forces ranked soldier from Japan, working in a top secret black ops unit in a futuristic counterpart of our world. He's part of a team which includes him, his younger brother Kamiya, his brother in arms Alexander McNeill (Green Beret USA), and Nathanial Anderson (British SAS). 

2: They're preparing to air drop into a conflicted part of the world- someplace in the Balkans is all they know- late at night, not knowing what to expect. As it always goes, but yet with each new conflict comes a new set of challenges, this they know.  

3: They drop into the area- silently, without much of a flourish. Their adventures always start quietly.

4: Meeting up with each other after dropping in, they begin to travel. They dropped in with only their weapons, gear, and a set of coordinates they're supposed to meet up with the other parts of their unit at- which is a good set of klicks away across steep mountains. For many this would be a problem. But not the men of this highly trained unit. They travel-  Ryusho talks with his brother about this and that, chit chat and talk. 

5: They meet up with the rest of their unit which has gathered here over several hours. These people are from all walks of life, all highly trained. Some members of the unit report finding weird traces of the enemy they're supposed to be engaging sooner or later...but  who or what? They're still in the dark here.

6: They hardly have time to think more, because they are suddenly ambushed, from above, from the strangest of enemies. Demons. Or demonic like creatures. Monsters. Ryusho and the unit fight. But his unit- cannot fight such a force by themselves. They have never seen this sort of thing before. He watches his brother is Nathanial- Alex isn't faring much better than him...but he cannot help...his world quickly falls to darkness. 

7: He returns to the light in another place...a military hospital, far , far away from the battlefields. Germany, to be exact. 

8: He does not remember much of what happened, but apparently he has been out for two weeks. Most of his unit is dead. His friend Alex survived, although he is just as injured as he is. So did one other member of his unit. But his brother...well...he's gone. Monsters, took away his brother, and he was helpless to do anything. He wants nothing like that to happen to anybody ever again. He doesn't know how he'll do it...but...he will make sure those demons of his...will die sooner or later.